Pre-Birth Briefing

This is a wonderful story of a mother guiding her child to seeing his unique gifts and callings.

Check out the brief video on Susan’s book-Pre-Birth Briefing:

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Posted by Blashlearning on Thursday, January 25, 2018

Enjoy this book with your child. Begin talking about how wonderful they are.  This book gives some wonderful insights into how to see what gifts and callings are in your child.

Pre-Birth Briefing?

Susan’s son asked her this very question.  What is a pre-birth briefing?  She gently and lovingly tells her son a story that leads him to understand that he is special, unique, to be treasured.  He comes to understand that he and his generation have a destiny.

As I reflected on Susan’s conversation with her son, I was marked by the way this story reflects how special our children are.  Some of them don’t know how important they are to the future. We, as adults, have the opportunity and responsibility to make sure our children come to know who they are and how important their lives are.

The World is a Dangerous Place.

Our children face so many challenges. The enemy would have them believe that they are not special and have nothing to offer. This is a lie.  The enemy would have our children think they are some sort of misfit or mistake.

Our children will face many temptations and distractions in this life. So many of the messages being conveyed today leave our children thinking they are not good enough.  Children and young people feel a lack of purpose in their lives.  This is an open door for the enemy to come in and add more confusion and distress to their lives.

Susan’s book-The Pre-Birth Briefing is a great tool for opening a conversation with your children.  It will have you reflecting on your own gifts as well.  You will be inspired to press in and seek the Lord’s purpose for your life and for your child’s life.

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Pre-Birth Briefing

I love this book because it is one of those treasures that connects with destiny. This reminds me of Charlotte Mason and her approach to raising and educating children.  She understood that children are whole persons with destiny marked on their spirits.  Charlotte Mason was a British educator that believed that God created each child with a specific gift and calling.  God placed adults in the lives of children in order to help those children discover talents and gifts.

Pre-Birth Briefing: This Would Make a Great Gift

This book would make a great gift for expectant parents.  Grandparents would enjoy reading this book to their grandchildren as well. Susan packed the book with tools that parents and grandparents can use to further explore how special they are.  It is also loaded with beautiful illustrations and engaging writing.  Get your copy today.  Click the picture to order your copy.

How have you shared the Lord with your child?  Have they asked you really tough questions?  How has the Lord helped you answer those questions?  Please share in the comments. I would love to hear how the Holy Spirit is leading and guiding you through these parenting waters.

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