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There are many ways to make money online. Some are legitimate and some are not.

I am excited to tell you about a way to make money from home that is fee free and relatively easy to get started with.

Cambly is an online money making opportunity that I think you will enjoy. There is a great deal of flexibility in scheduling with Cambly and it helps fill a significant need for those individuals that want to learn English.

Make Money Online with Cambly

Make Money Online with Cambly-Blashlearning.net

Make Money Tutoring

Many people from around the world want to learn English. They may be able to take English classes locally but they do not have the opportunity to practice what they have learned. They are learning grammar and some pronunciation but they are not able to practice speaking.

Do you remember those foreign language classes you took in high school?  If you did not have a reason and opportunity to use that language, you did not retain what you learned in class.  That’s just the way it is.  People that live in an area where there are no English speakers face this same problem.  They do not have a way to practice their skills. Cambly provides this service.

People from around the world can access Cambly and speak to native English speakers.  This is a great way for them to practice speaking English to someone that is able to make corrections and offer suggestions on how to improve their speaking.

As I mentioned earlier, practicing speaking a foreign language is the best way to become proficient in that language.  I have been working with Cambly for almost a year and I have enjoyed the flexibility and the ability to earn a few extra dollars from the comfort of my home.

Many people from around the world can hop onto Cambly and get 5 minutes of free time to see if they would like to continue with the program.

Make Money Online with Cambly: Things You Need to Know

Here are some things that are good for you to know about Cambly:

  • Payment is through Paypal
  • Payment is made every Monday
  • Scheduling is flexible -people are looking for tutors 24 hours a day
  • Cambly pays $.17 a minute which works out to be a little more than $10.00 an hour. You are guaranteed to be paid for 15 minutes even if no one calls.

Clearly, you will not get rich on Cambly but you can set a goal for your self and work towards paying a small bill or save up for a treat or help fund a blog or some other small business endeavor.

Make Money Online: Teach English with Cambly

English is considered a global language.  According to the History of English, there are several factors that make a language a global language.

The language

  • is learned and spoken internationally
  • has a large geographical distribution
  • is used in international organizations and diplomatic relations
  • acts as a lingua franca; a common language that facilitates communication among people of diverse background and ethnicities.

More companies are using English as a common language among their employees which makes it possible for people from all over the world able to work with each other even though they may not speak each other’s native language.  English fits these criteria.  Learning English opens up opportunities for promotion and possibly a complete change in their lives.

Make Money Online: My Experience with Cambly

I wanted to share my experience about Cambly because it has been a great opportunity for me to earn some extra money online.  Cambly has also allowed me to meet some wonderful people from other cultures.  I have also learned about different holidays and traditions from across the globe.

In addition, I have made some long distance friends as well. It easy to feel connected to people when you share family stories and work experiences with someone.  Many of the students are learning about American culture and politics as well.

Needless to say, these conversations can be very interesting when you are able to see how people from other countries view America.  The conversations can run the gamut as you meet frustrated stay at home moms that are overwhelmed with motherhood. You will also meet men and women that are starting their own businesses and need to vent about their frustrations.

Interestingly, many students are quite happy to simply chat and practice their English while others ask for specific lessons.

Cambly has a large library of resources that tutors can choose from so you don’t ever have to feel overwhelmed.   There is more information that you can access through the internet as well.  The platform is set up so that you can gather blog articles and other resources to read together or you can practice forming correcting sentences.

Make Money Online: My Husband’s Experience

Making Money Online with Cambly: Blashlearning Blashlearning Read about Cambly, a legitimate work from home opportunity. This is one of those opportunities where you have flexibility in your scheduling and you don’t have to worry about investing in expensive wardrobe for the work place. Your space is your home and with Cambly you get paid evevry Monday. This is great way for moms and dads to make extra money on a part time basis #makemoneyonline #tutoring #feefree #parttimework #momsworkfromhome

Kevin Blash Cambly Tutor

Let me share a little of my husband’s experience.  He became interested in Cambly shortly after seeing that I could earn enough to pay off small bills.  As he became more comfortable with the platform, he began chatting a broad range of people. He has talked with students that want to improve their English for school to the businessman that has to be able to communicate with employees at other company’s that speak English.

Students will be attracted to you based on what you put on your profile and if you have a warm inviting profile picture. You will also record a brief video showing how you teach.

Don’t panic. We can show you how to set up a brief but effective video.

Interestingly, my husband put his past work experience on his profile and as a result, he attracted a wide variety of different types of people. This makes the conversations interesting for both the tutor and the tutee.

Make Money Online with Cambly: Full Disclosure

There will be times when you are on Cambly, that you will be looking at a very quiet computer. This is particularly true as you are starting out. Once you get your reputation out there, the calls will come in.  My husband, Kevin, has been able to earn more money in a couple of short months than I did in over 6 months.  He is very consistent and he gathers great material from Cambly’s library of resources as well as through his own research.

I have to say that he is also very encouraging and warm which is a great asset. People are attracted to his supportive encouraging nature.  He has been able to maintain a consistent flow of two hours a day.  As a proud wife, I am very proud of how he has helped so many people.

Make Money Online with Cambly-Blashlearning Read about Cambly, a legitimate work from home opportunity. This is one of those opportunities where you have flexibility in your scheduling and you don’t have to worry about investing in expensive wardrobe for the work place. Your space is your home and with Cambly you get paid every Monday. This is great way for moms and dads to make extra money on a part time basis #makemoneyonline #tutoring #feefree #parttimework #momsworkfromhome

Motivating Students

If you decide to apply to Cambly, please consider using his referral link. He will receive a $20 referral fee after you have tutored for 10 hours.  This is something that you can do as well.  He can also give you some pointers and tips on how to be successful with Cambly.

Cambly is one of those work from home opportunities where you will use your computer.  You will want to give yourself breaks when you are working with Cambly.  I would like to suggest that you check into getting a standing desk.  Check out some of the suggestions at the bottom of the post.   As I am sure you have heard, sitting for extended periods of time is not healthy. With a standing desk, you can keep your legs moving while tutoring. You can even walk in place and keep fit while earning extra cash.

Make Money Online with Cambly: Safety Protocols

Another thing I want to make you aware of is that Cambly is able to remain a safe environment because they have a ban button.  If there is anything going on on the other side of the screen you can ban that person immediately and permanently.  Cambly will follow up with the student to clarify any cultural misunderstandings but they do not tolerate inappropriate behavior.  This makes me feel very comfortable.  Cambly strongly encourages all communication go through their platform. This keeps and your personal information safe.

I encourage you to check out Cambly if you are helping people with English. This is a great way to put your toe in the tutoring world.

If you would like to dive a little deeper into the tutoring world, I would encourage you to check out some of Joanne Kaminski’s books on becoming an online tutor.  She has trained several people on how to start their own tutoring business. Some of the folks are former teachers with several years of teaching experience to people that have never taught in a classroom before. She has opened up the world of online tutoring with techniques that are being overlooked by many.

Leave a comment in the comment section and let me know what your plans are.  Remember if you have questions you can ask in the comment section as well.  I would be more than happy to help you on your tutoring

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