Would You Like to Know How to Avoid the Summer Slide in Reading?

My Online Summer Reading Bootcamp can bring your child from being a struggling reader to a reading champ!

8 week online summer reading camp

Online Summer Reading Bootcamp

Rosemerry Blash

Rosemerry Blash

Hello, My name is Rosemerry Blash and I will be your child’s instructor during the boot camp. I have 20 plus years of classroom teaching experience along with tutoring experience.

  • K-6 licensed teaching experience.
  • 20 plus years of helping children make a year or more growth in reading.
  • Skilled in connecting to children with a variety of learning style.

I am so excited to help your child grow in their reading skills.  Reading is such an important key to having a successful life.  It impacts every area.  It is also fundamental in developing critical thinking as well as framing our world view. Your child will receive instruction in



  • phonics
  • phonemic awareness
  • fluency
  • comprehension

Reading AssessmentsStudents will be assessed on reading skills via Zoom.

  • Emergent readers will be assessed on letter recognition and, sound, and comprehension
  • Established readers will be assessed on fluency and comprehension
  • Parental input will also be noted
  • Parents will be informed of assessment findings via email and Zoom

Structure of Reading Bootcamp

  • Weekly one on one or small group sessions with Rosemerry (30 minutes)
  • Ongoing projects and assignments for independent or parent assisted work-2 per week (20-30 minutes to complete.)
  • Invitation to Rosemerry’s Reading Circle for Kids-small group discussion about the books read.
  • Strengthening comprehension and self monitoring through retelling the stories we read.

Your child’s boot camp will include a personalized approach geared towards your child’s specific area of need.



Sight Word and Comprehension

Instant Access to a Library of Reading Tutorials – enhanced sight word instruction, parent guides for comprehension help (summarize, asking questions, making connections, etc,)

Who is this a good fit for?


  • Preschool (minimum 3 years old) up through 6th grade
  • Kids who are hopeful about reading
  • Motivated readers
  • Struggling readers


  • Want to keep your kids’ reading skills sharp over the summer
  • Tired of watching your child lose a month’s worth of progress during summer break
  • Looking for engaging and educational support

Who this is NOT a good fit for

  • Junior High & High Schoolers
  • If there is a diagnosed learning disability, I may still be able to hep, so let’s have a conversation.  Connect with me right here.

Early bird special:

Now until June 30th $50.00 per week or $350 if paid in full.  (Save $50.00) Regular price $75.00 per week or $550.00 if paid in full. (Save $50.00).

If you know you’re ready, select your payment option below.

Payment Options

If you’re considering enrolling your child and would like to talk through your options, click here to set up a conversation.

Cancellation policy– In order to give your child the best opportunity to achieve they need to participate.  If at the mid point of the program and after full participation in the program, you are not satisfied with your child’s progress, just let me know and your membership will be cancelled.


  • Consistent guidance in reading instruction
  • Your child will become a smoother, more fluent reader
  • Your child’s confidence in letter sound connection will increase.
  • Increase sight word knowledge
  • Excitement and joy in reading

Ongoing projects and assignments for independent (or parent assisted) work – 2 per week (20-30 minutes to complete) –

Invitation to Rosemerry’s Reading Circle for Kids – small group discussions about the books read while in the program. Rosemerry’s Kid-Approved List of Recommended Books (including Kindle Editions, Living Science Books, and more)

Strengthening of word attack strategies and comprehension skills through reading and retelling the stories we read.


Private Facebook Group for Reading Camp parents

Private Facebook Group parents

As the parent of a student enrolled in the Online Summer Reading Bootcamp you will be invited to join a secret Facebook for parents.  Connect with other parents in the Bootcamp as well as ask questions of me and receive encouragement from other parents.


Mrs. Blash served as our daughter’s homebound teacher for the first half of her 6th grade year.  We found it to be a good transition after having the same teacher 2 years prior.  We found Mrs. Blash to be a good communicator with emails, phone calls, conversations and our questions were answered quickly with not delay.  Mrs. Blash demonstrated a willingness to modify her teaching methods based on our daughters needs.  we recommended Mrs. Blash and feel that she is a great addition to any educational experience.

Thank You,

Kari C.




Payment Options

I highly recommend Mrs. Blash.  She is very knowledgeable, passionate about what she does, patient and loving towards her students.  I loved her working with my daughter.  Thanks Mrs. Blash!!!   Amanda M.

Payment Options


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