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The term “snowflake” that has been hurled at millennials is, to say the least, not a nice term. People have used that term to describe our young people born after 1980. I want to suggest that we look closely at these young people we call “snowflakes” and embrace them instead of simply insulting them. Click To Tweet  They are our children and the way they are reacting to current issues is, in large part, due to the way we raised them.

We allowed our “snowflakes” to get participation trophies just for showing up. We guarded their self-esteem so they wouldn’t feel bad.Trophies meant less than what they were supposed to.  No longer were they symbols of mastery. They were turned into something that meant you were there and you were breathing .” Let’s give our children a little more credit and help them discover their unique qualities.  They need to understand that the Lord has placed gifts and talents and a destiny in each child and we don’t have to create some false feathered bed for our children to land on to protect their self-esteem.

Let’s not insult their intelligence.

Our young people are good people but we have allowed them to believe that their feelings should dictate life.   We have allowed them to think they are just supposed to get what they want because they feel like they should. Click To Tweet How misguided is that?  Where is the motivation to work hard at something?  Where is the drive to create something or find the answer to a problem?  There is none.  They may not even feel that they can be creative or work hard to achieve something. We have raised children that are lost and insecure. They look to some outside source for answers instead of looking inward and engaging the Holy Spirit.  That makes for an unsettled human being.

I believe we, particularly those of us that are Christian, need take responsibility and impact our children’s lives for the better.  Take the ‘snowflake” label off of them and engage them in conversation that may serve to enlighten them.

I applaud you!

Let me just acknowledge the many parents and children out there that are on solid ground and have a healthy growing relationship with each other and the Lord.  I know you are out there and I applaud you.

However, my heart hurts for those millennials that are confused and throwing tantrums when things don’t go their way.  They tend to react to what they see instead of thinking critically about what is going on around them.

This post concerns millennials that are right around college age. In so many ways, the college age student is still developing and maturing.  The questions that they have are being addressed by the college professors on the college campuses.  Many of the college professors on the campuses are liberal.  Much of the media is liberal as well.  When all that surrounds you is leaning in one direction, there is very little opportunity to think critically about what you are hearing and seeing.  When an opposing view does come up our millennials are often, not willing to listen.

A large group of students writing.


How do we address the issue?

Now is the time to step in and let our children know that we stand with them and are willing and able to guide them through some of the challenges of life.  Yes, they are young adults and need to be able to make decisions on their own. But we can be present to help.

  • Keep the dialogue going.
  • Talk to your child about their classes.
  • Talk to them about dorm life.
  • Express your thoughts and opinions.

You must be aware that on most college campuses, liberal professors outnumber conservative professors. These professors are going to challenge tradition values that you have placed in your child.  This is why the conversation is so important.

Live what you believe.

Equally important to speaking truth, based on biblical teaching, is that we live lives aligned with and submitted to Lord Jesus Christ. Click To Tweet That takes boldness and courage and our children are watching.  The millennials want to know is this relationship with Jesus real and relevant for them in their college years.  We lose many children that grew up in the church right here. Life presents challenges.  The challenge is designed to rip them away from their faith and a genuine relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  They need to know your relationship with the Lord is real.   They want to see where we make sacrifices and what we make sacrifices for.  What do we truly value?


Live the Bible

They need to know that there is Truth that they can commit to and hang onto.  They are smart enough to know that college life is only for a season and they are going to leave the campus and enter life as a young adult.  What does a relationship with a living God have to do with their lives? Our steadfastness will help them answer that question. When they see us paying lip service to important convictions, they longer see us as trustworthy and we lose ground with them.  Furthermore, it opens the door to error.  It leaves our children vulnerable to bad choices.

Let them continue to see your walk with the Lord.  They may not be at home with you but your conversation will let them see that your relationship with the Lord continues to impact your life. They are going to think about that in their own lives when they make decisions.

Parents, bless your children

We as parents have a unique perspective and insight that our children don’t have.  We are better able to see the bigger picture because we have more life experiences.  Millennials may think they know enough but we all know that is not true. We have the responsibility to show share our perspective with them.  This goes back to the conversation.  Talk about lessons you have learned.  Some of these conversations may difficult or embarrassing but your child will come to understand that you are sharing these things in the hopes that they learn from your mistakes.


Joseph may not have immediately understood how the Lord was using him when he was thrown into a pit for a crime he didn’t commit, but in time, he understood that the enemy was trying to take him out but the Lord had other plans.  That is an extremely difficult perspective for a young person to take but it is something they must grow into.  When you are vulnerable and share your stories, they can get a glimpse of your perspective.

What is the focus?

Fruitfulness and success are two different things. Cole points out that an important key is understanding that there is a difference between fruitfulness and success. To be successful means to focus on what one can accomplish or how much wealth one can obtain. This tends to be man-centered where fruitfulness is more focused on God and living a life that is a blessing to others.  This focus is everlasting and eternal.  What we do in response to the leading of the Lord is going to withstand the test of time.  1 Cor. 3:13 every man’s work shall be made manifest; for the Day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed by fire, and the fire shall rest every man’s work of what sort it is.  If any man’s work abide which he hath built thereon, he shall receive a reward.

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  1. WOW! This blog on Snowflakes put a fresh look on the topic that I haven’t. I just thought they were lazy and selfish. I do feel I have a role to play if I did not help to train those I came in contact with . Thank you

    1. Thanks for your comment. I felt there needed to be something of a balance in the conversation. Thank you for joining in. Please share this. More of us need to engage in the conversation.

  2. This is a very good read and I agree very much. I have two boys and I raise them to be very competitive and equally compassionate. I want them prepared for the world as it is and not as we wish it were. They make mistakes as children and we make mistakes as parents. Thank you for sharing this blog. I love them but I refuse to cripple them by shielding them from all disappointment & pain. It’s very hard to watch but I know they will rise above in spite of. Parenting is hard and sometimes it just sucks! But I love being a mom. God keeps me and I trust Him with the Riley boys.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I am so glad that you trust your boys to the Lord. That is the safest place for them. It is certainly a challenge being a parent but it is also a great opportunity. My husband and I remember having to say to tell our children ‘no’ to somethings and there were tears and some drama but in the end they were better children and turned out to be great young adults. Be encouraged moma. You are on the right track. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

  3. We are headed inexorably toward a very destructive end. To change direction will take a very concerted effort. I truly believe that only a deep and abiding faith will give us the strength to commit to that effort.

    1. Yes. It looks bleak but keep hitting your knees. And keep sharing your thoughts as you do Carl. They are very thought provoking and important.

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