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6 Key Insights from Seasoned Homeschool Moms About Their Journey

Educating our children is a huge responsibility as well as a privilege. Many questions that arise in the area of education. Seasoned homeschool moms share important insights they received from their journey. Each mom was asked the following question:

What is the one thing that many parents wish they knew before they started homeschooling?

Parents must choose to send their children to public schools, private schools or they might choose to homeschool. Whatever the choice, parents are ultimately responsible for the education of their children.

This post will share some insights from seasoned homeschool moms.  These moms learned some key lessons they want you to be aware of.

We are going to share those lessons here.  Each mom was asked to share one thing they wished they knew about homeschooling before they started.  The answers should provide you with food for thought as well as courage as you progress through your unique educational journey.

Here are some benefits of homeschooling that you may be familiar with.

6 Key Insights from Seasoned Homeschool Moms

6 Key Insights from Seasoned Homeschool Moms

Benefits of Homeschooling

  • Freedom to choose the approach or curriculum that best fits your child’s learning style and interests.You may be thinking of Unschooling or the Charlotte Mason approach, or something more mainstream like Apologia.  The choices abound when considering the type of homeschool you want to establish.
  • Students can take a deep dive in the subjects they find interesting. Take the liberty to allow your children to learn as much as they can about a subject they are interested in.
  • Family time increases. This time is important for teaching the special nuances of your family.
  • Family values are instilled. The homeschooling family is able to instill the values that they feel are important.  Children are nurtured in these values and taught how to recognize values that are in conflict with their families values.

Concerns About Homeschooling

Some of the concerns parents face along the decision-making journey include, lack of support from friends and family.  Homeschool parents often worry about making mistakes as they educate their children. Parents want the best for their children so they are very aware of the challenges Truthfully, this is a worry for most parents as they raise their children.  This may be a little more intense for the homeschool mom or dad because the full weight of the child’s academic success rests upon the shoulder of the parents.

Insights from Seasoned Homeschool Moms

Several  seasoned homeschool moms were asked to share one thing they wished they knew before they started homeschooling.  As you read their insights, you will gain clarity concerning what homeschooling can be like for you and your family.  I trust this will serve to encourage you in your next steps.

What is the one thing you wish you knew about homeschooling before you started?

Melanie Willson’s Key Insights

Melanie Wilson

Melanie Wilson

Melanie Wilson is a seasoned homeschool mom. Melanie from shares her insight about college for her homeschooled children” .. Here is her response to the question.

“What I wish I had known when I started homeschooling is that I didn’t need to worry about college.  I mistakenly thought my kids would have to know specific science or history facts for college entrance exams and they didn’t.  The studying and test-taking practice they got (especially from using Apologia (science) has enabled my three oldest sons to do very well in college.  All my worry was wasted!

You can catch Melanie at She, along with many other homeschool moms share many other insights and tips on homeschooling.  There are seasoned as well as novice homeschool moms in this group.  They encourage one another in the homeschool journey.

As Melanie mentioned, her worries concerning the college years were put to rest as her children did well in college.   Stop by and visit her website or and get to know Melanie Wilson. Be sure to check out her Grammar Galaxy program as well.   She truly is one of the seasoned homeschool moms you want to glean from.

Meka Wilson’s Key Insights

Meka Wilson, a wonderful homeschool mom with valuable insights gained from her years homeschooling her two

Seasoned homeschool mom Meka Wilson.

Meka and Bryon Wilson with their two girls.

daughters. She is also a talented singer and is married to Bryan Wilson, a talented visual artist. She commented the she wished she knew “that it’s ok if my children aren’t grasping a concept initially.  I believe we put too much pressure on children and ourselves that things have to be perfect.  They are individuals and everyone learns differently.  I’d remind myself to not get caught up in people’s opinion of what we should do as a homeschool family”.

Meka found the wisdom and insight to allow her girls to be free to be who God created them to be. Click To Tweet The standards were the Lord’s not some man made yard stick for what schooling or education should be.  Her girls are flourishing and spreading their wings in the area of entrepreneurship.





Amy Milcic’s Key Insights

Amy Milcic

Amy Milcic

Amy Milcic of Rock Your Homeschool shares an important tip for parents that are transitioning their children from public school to homeschool.  This key insight would be true if you are coming from a private school as well.  Amy says, “Before I started homeschooling, I wish I would have known that it’s okay to go slow when you transition from public school.  My two older boys had attended for a few years.

I thought we had to keep up with their peers.  I quickly learned that my boys needed a break from all the pressure to rediscover their love of learning.  My #1 tip: relax & enjoy this precious time with your kids.  It’s not a sprint, but more like a lovely amble through the woods with different paths to select from that all lead to the joy of a solid home education.”

Amy’s key insight is to enjoy your time with your children and discover the many different paths in the homeschool journey.  This seasoned homeschool mom makes it seem so possible to enjoy homeschool life to the fullest doesn’t she?

Angel Penn’s Key Insights

Angel Penn

Angel Penn

Angel is another wise and seasoned homeschool mom with rich insight for new and aspiring homeschool parents.  Angel Penn blogs at She shares her response.  “ I wished someone had told me my homeschooing style/room/curriculum didn’t have to resemble anyone else’s. I felt pressured to make sure that my boys had a dedicated school area, some curriculum etc…  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Personalizing your homeschooling experience for your family is a LOT easier when you take steps towards what works for you and not feel pressured to have it look like someone’s else’s.”

This is a key insight! Homeschools are as personal and as unique as families.  This is the way it should be. Don’t fall into the temptation of comparing yourself or your style to anyone else’s.  The goals may be similar. The goals may be similar but way we reach that goal should be tailored to the unique personality of your family.  Enjoy the uniqueness of your children.

Amy Michaels’ Key Insights

Amy Michaels

Amy Michaels

Amy Michaels of,  shares key insight here as she speaks to the importance of taking in your child’s natural inclinations.

Here is Amy’s response.

“When I started homeschooling, I put a lot of time and energy into finding the “right” curriculum for my child. However, I quickly realized that the “right curriculum” changed in the various phases on her learning.  Now, I know meeting her where she is and providing natural opportunities to learn skills and knowledge is key for us to stress much less and really enjoy homeschooling together.  Finding the balance between child-led learning and weaving in the skills she needs to know took time to find, but it is a priceless place for authentic and life-long learning!

Kasha Foster’s Insights

Kasha Foster is another seasoned homeschool mom. She has two girls and two boys who have very different personalities and needs, as is true of all children.  Her insights and wisdom reveal the need to lean heavily upon the Holy Ghost.  She and I had a chance to talk about her insights and she shared that there are things that occur in families that nobody plans for. Some of those things may make it necessary to homeschool or impossible to homeschool. Prayer is going to be key in every situation.  The Lord knows your needs and your children.  He is faithful to meet those needs so you do not need to worry.  Put everything in His hands.

Kasha’s husband Paul helped in the homeschooling journey which is another factor that can greatly enhance the journey. When both parents are involved in the education of their children there is a bond that is strengthened among all of the family members.

Paul has also co-written a book entitled Competing Realities that focuses on the challenges of living a Christian life in a world that is often to Christian World View. This book will give you insight into how to handle the challenges ahead.  You will find the link for the book below.

Clearly,  invaluable wisdom is shared. Each mom has shared what they learned on their homeschool journey.  Be sure to visit there blogs and websites to glean even more wisdom and insights.  The support you receive form other homeschool moms can make the difference in your homeschool journey.

What insights and wisdom would you like to share?  What have you learned along the way?  Please share in the comments below and remember to enjoy the journey with your family.

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