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Educating our children is a huge responsibility as well as a privilege. There are many questions that arise in the area of education.  This post will share answers to a critical question. What is the one thing that many parents wish they knew before they started homeschooling?

I couldn’t believe it!  Healthy families are bad for children!  Reading to your children is unfair!  Providing a nurturing atmosphere is unfair to children!  I couldn’t believe my eyes as I read a Facebook post questioning the value of reading bedtime stories to children.

Habits are good and make life run smoothly.  Charlotte Mason (1842-1923) talked about habits being the tracks that we can run our lives on.  What is a habit?  How would you answer that question?  I would say that a habit is something you do, on some level of frequency, without much thought.

5 Key Insights from seasoned homeschool moms

Many of the words that are put on sight word lists like the Dolch sight word list or the Fry’s sight word list can be decoded using basic phonics.  The list of words that cannot be sounded is relatively small.  This makes the task of memorization relatively easy.

Cursive handwriting is a unique form of personal expression.  Some schools are finding cursive handwriting worthy of revitalizing.  Writing in cursive decreased in popularity to being just about non-existent.  Joe Helm, of the Washington Post, reports that some public and charter schools are once again embracing cursive handwriting.  https://www.washingtonpost.com/